Kitchen Products

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D-Lime-X Used to remove and prevent lime scale and water spots on glassware, drain boards, fountains, steam tables, coffee urns,...
Product Number 2109913
Old Product # ST-206
General Purpose And Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner Cleans french fryers, grills and ovens, popcorn machines, and doughnut machines. Special emulsifiers and wetting agents...
Product Number ST-970
Old Product # ST-970
Hytron®, Chlorinated Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Is an effective powdered dishwashing detergent with the added punch of chlorine for use in all automatic dishwashers. It is...
Product Number 1602204, 1604574
Old Product # ST-450, ST-452, ST-453
Nu-Tron Liquid Detergent Concentrate Produces long-lasting suds to give you sparkling clean equipment and fixtures even in extremely hard water. For use in food...
Product Number 2109500, 2105700, 2102013, 2102662
Old Product # ST-1276, ST-570, ST-571, ST-573
Oven Cleaner Cleaner and degreaser for use in ovens, hoods, vents, and grills. Removes burnt-on food deposits with ease. Combines the...
Product Number 2109463
Old Product # ST-1265
Sana-Clean (Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover) Sana-Clean™ is the bathroom and kitchen cleaner you have been looking for. Use Sana-Clean™ on stainless steel, chrome...
Product Number 1000443
Old Product # ST-44
Valley View Emerald Dishwashing Liquid Is a high sudsing detergent that works well on grease and oils such as animal fats. It is Stearns' best selling dishwashing...
Product Number 1006578, 1001962, 1003669
Old Product # ST-50, ST-196, ST-199