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  Name Description Additional data
Brisk Pump 1 oz. #2932201 - Brisk Pump 1 oz. (Use with #145, #152, #153)  
Product Number 2932201
Old Product # ST-322
1 Fluid Oz. Pump For 1 Gallon Bottle #2909869 - 1 Fluid Oz. Pump For 1 Gallon Bottle  
Product Number 2909869
Old Product # ST-68
5 Gallon Dispenser With Faucet #2908930 - 5 Gallon Dispenser With Faucet  
Product Number 2908930
Old Product # ST-9911
Heavy Pine Floor Cleaner For cleaning and deodorizing concrete floors where traffic is heavy and grime, grease, and other soil may be embedded....
Product Number 2205519, 2255200, 2205533
Old Product # ST-551, ST-552, ST-553
Circle Cleaner Compound An alkaline detergent containing sodium hydroxide (lye) and phosphates for cleaning pasteurizers, pre-heaters, homogenizers...
Product Number 2202075, 2204147
Old Product # ST-412, ST-414
D-Lime-X Used to remove and prevent lime scale and water spots on glassware, drain boards, fountains, steam tables, coffee urns,...
Product Number 2109913
Old Product # ST-206
Mark E II Multi-purpose, hospital-grade quaternary. A germicide, detergent, deodorizer, fungicide, and virucide all in one. Effective...
Product Number 2109524
Old Product # ST-2145
Steramine® Sanitizes, disinfects, and deodorizes. A quaternary-based formula designed for use in hospitals and institutions. No masking...
Product Number 2109470
Old Product # ST-1266
Cleaner Degreaser Removes grease and heavy soils from all surfaces. Rinses freely, non-flammable and phosphate free. Spray or mop on and rinse...
Product Number 2109333, 1003881
Old Product # ST-1251, ST-925
All-Purpose Cleaner A mild detergent that safely cleans any surface not damaged by water. Contains no caustics, abrasives, soap or any other...
Product Number 2109326
Old Product # ST-1250, ST-596
Laundry Bleach (Powdered) Effective in hot or cold water and can be used with all detergents or soaps, including enzyme-based products. Chlorine-free...
Product Number 1610865
Old Product # ST-1086, ST-1087
Smokehouse Cleaner With Penewet™ Designed for use in food processing areas in the meat packing industry. For soaking, circulation and spraying steam gun...
Product Number 1604017
Old Product # ST-401
Hytron®, Chlorinated Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Is an effective powdered dishwashing detergent with the added punch of chlorine for use in all automatic dishwashers. It is...
Product Number 1602204, 1604574
Old Product # ST-450, ST-452, ST-453
Pink Liquid Dish Detergent & Hand Soap High sudsing detergent which contains a lotion for the hands and a pleasant floral fragrance. Ideal for use in hand soap...
Product Number 1006547, 1019509
Old Product # ST-46, ST-193, ST-195
Angora® Fabric Softener Reduces wrinkling, leaves towels and clothes pleasingly soft. Makes unloading, ironing, and folding easier by eliminating...
Product Number 1006202, 1110605
Old Product # ST- 62, ST-1060
General Purpose And Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner Cleans french fryers, grills and ovens, popcorn machines, and doughnut machines. Special emulsifiers and wetting agents...
Product Number ST-970
Old Product # ST-970