Consumer Brands

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Jungle Jake® Glass & Surface Cleaner Cleans almost everything in the house. Ideal for windows and mirrors, bathroom tile, sinks and tubs, kitchen appliances, countertops,...
Product Number 102004
Old Product # ST-22
Manosol Bulk Tank Cleaner Powdered Manosol Bulk Tank Cleaner is a high foaming, mild alkaline cleaner for bulk tanks and manual cleaning of dairy equipment...
Product Number 1804475
Old Product # ST-12
Mark 10 Dairy Cleaner Sanitizer Mark 10 combines the powerful acid of milkstone remover with the sanitizing strength of quaternary ammonium. Keeps stainless steel...
Product Number 1205298
Old Product # ST-53
Moisturizing Hand Soap with Aloe Produces a luxurious, lasting lather that rinses freely leaving no residual film on skin. A mild yet fast-working lotion soap...
Product Number 1008503, 1008299
Old Product # ST-75, ST-1000
Oxy Crystals® Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Provides amazing results with its advanced stain-fighting oxygen power. Removes stains from laundry, carpets, floors, counters,...
Product Number 1646000
Old Product # ST-460
Power Team Acid Rinse An economical low-foaming blend of phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid. For daily acid rinsing and controlling milkstone in piplelines...
Product Number 1201150, 1201167, 1201174
Old Product # ST-115, ST-116, ST-117, ST-118
Pre-Post 1/2%® A sanitizing pre- and post-dip with 0.5% available iodine, containing iodophor complexes in a solution of glycerine, buffering,...
Product Number 1244010, 1244058, 1244157, 1244553
Ready-To-Use Heavy-Duty Degreaser for Pressure Washers Cleans your strongest build ups. Fast and safe removal of blood, ink, coffee, graphite, greases, and oils. Non-toxic for home...
Product Number 1001761
Old Product # ST-176
Ready-To-Use House Wash for Pressure Washers Is a blend of detergents that provides cleaning and degreasing. Cleans house and building exteriors, windows, mortar, brick, gutters,...
Product Number 1001778
Old Product # ST-177
Ready-To-Use Vehicle Wash for Pressure Washers Lifts the dirt, grease and grime that accumulates on your vehicle's surface. It will not harm any surface on your car's exterior....
Product Number 1001785
Old Product # ST-178
Ready-To-Use Wash & Wax for Pressure Washers Can be used on all vehicles, from cars to lawn mowers. Apply with pressure washer or by hand. Provides your vehicle with additional...
Product Number 1001792
Old Product # ST-179
Sana-Clean (Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover) Sana-Clean™ is the bathroom and kitchen cleaner you have been looking for. Use Sana-Clean™ on stainless steel, chrome fittings...
Product Number 1000443
Old Product # ST-44
Sprayable CHG Teat Dip Sprayable CHG Teat Dip contains 0.45% chlorhexidine gluconate and 4.25% isopropyl alcohol. Glycerin is added to condition teats....
Product Number 1209807, 1201856, 1201900
Old Product # ST-87, ST-185, ST-190, ST-192
Steramine® Udder Wash Use Steramine® as an udder wash or as a manual sanitizer for bulk tanks, utensils, and dairy equipment. Deodorizes as well.
Product Number 1205274, 1202778, 1202549
Old Product # ST-13, ST-147, ST-204
Sterosol Milkstone Remover and Acid Rinse Removes milkstone from bulk tanks, pipeline cleaners, pipeline, milking machines, utensils, and other dairy equipment. Contains...
Product Number 1205267, 1206752, 1205687, 1202525
Old Product # ST-11, ST-215, ST-216, ST-213
Teat Dip (Quaternary)

Teat Dip is a straight quaternary ammonia formula with special teat conditioners to prevent chapping.

Product Number 1205304
Old Product # ST-56
Teat Shield Is specially formulated to provide needed skin conditioning properties for your cow’s teats and give added protection during...
Product Number 1202031
Old Product # ST-203, ST-210
Tire Lube Concentrate Concentrated tire lubricant for mounting and demounting tires. Also cleans and dresses all rubber, leather, and plastic surfaces....
Product Number 2308565, 2300996
Old Product # ST-99, ST-99S