Get your staff started right with the Stearns One Packs™ Foodservice Sanitation System. Switching your operation over to One Packs™ couldn't be easier: there is no costly equipment, special training, or fixed water hook-ups required. The simplicity, standardization, and performance make the Stearns System the easiest program on the market to introduce into your facility.

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Workloading Wizard Software

This intuitive program lets you try multiple scenarios to optimize crew utilization with confidence. Includes a Dispenser-Free Introductory PowerPoint and a Workloading Wizard Introductory PowerPoint.

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Dispenser-Free Savings Evaluator

Dispenser-Free Savings Evaluator summarizes your savings:

  • See what trips to the blend-center are costing you.
  • Enter your staff's routine, wages, and benefits.
  • Calculate your time, FTEs, and dollar savings.

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CIMS & CIMS-GB** Regulatory Compliance Guidebook

Stearns' Regulatory Compliance Guidebook For Cleaning Organizations is an unbelievable tool for companies striving to attain CIMS & CIMS-GB certification.

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Universal Trainer Card Sets* (English or Spanish)

Whether you are Team (Specialist) Cleaning or Zone Cleaning, the Stearns Universal Trainer laminated card sets provide your FTEs (Full-Time Employees) with a documented training program.


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Powdered, chlorinated dishwashing compound produces clean, sparkling dishes, glassware, and…


Specifically formulated to clean glassware. For use with manual brushes and when washing glasses by…


An effective powder enzyme treatment for maintaining or unclogging drains and grease traps.


Introducing the Stearns Inventory Control System (ICS). Easy to distribute. Takes up less space.


Yields 130 gallons of end-use product. A simple way to test the GS 5-Point Daily Cleaning System…


Yields 44 gallons of end-use product. All of the same great products as our larger GS 5-Point…


Minimal sudsing with excellent rinsing ability. For use with electric brushes.


Thick, long-lasting suds. Easy on the hands. Removes grease and cooked-on foods from dishes, pots,