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C-Clear Windshield Cleaner Formulated specifically for automotive windshield cleaning.  Add one pack to water in windshield reservoir or gas island squeegee...
Product Number 2308466
Old Product # ST-95
* GS 5-Point Green Cleaning System Yields 130 gallons of end-use product. A simple way to test the GS 5-Point Daily Cleaning System in one of your buildings, or an easy...
Product Number 2390201
Old Product # ST-902
5-Point Daily Cleaning System Starter Kit Yields 130 gallons of end-use product. Filled with a combined total of 70 packs of Stearns top-performing One Packs™. The starter...
Product Number 2390102
Old Product # ST-901
FiberNu Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner Powerful new technology removes greasy dirt from carpets and eliminates the rapid resoiling so common with conventional products....
Product Number 2308609, 2308616
Old Product # ST-860, ST-861
GS Restroom & Bowl Cleaner Concentrate Non-corrosive and free of harmful acids. Safely cleans toilet bowls, urinals, tile walls, tubs, and sinks. Ideal for daily cleaning...
Product Number 2385108, 2385102, 2385207
Old Product # ST-851, ST-851E, ST-852
* Green Cleaning Starter Kit Yields 44 gallons of end-use product. All of the same great products as our larger GS 5-Point Green Cleaning Starter Kit but in a smaller...
Product Number 2308497
Old Product # ST-849A
GS Neutral Cleaner Concentrate Concentrated pH-neutral floor cleaner that contains no caustic, abrasive, or harsh ingredients to mar fine floor finishes. Fresh...
Product Number 2384507, 2384501, 2384606, 2384705, 2384804
Old Product # ST-845, ST-845E, ST-846, ST-847, ST-848
Bio-Active Plus No rinse formula. Perfect for institutional kitchens, restaurants, food processing plants, schools, and businesses. Microbially-fortified...
Product Number 2308220
Old Product # ST-822
Restroom & Bowl Liquid Concentrate Free of harmful acids. Safely cleans toilet bowls, urinals, tile walls, tubs, and sinks. Ideal for daily cleaning and bowl maintenance....
Product Number 2309975, 2309920
Old Product # ST-816, ST-744
Coffee Cleaner

Granular concentrate removes coffee stains and build-up from coffee makers and coffee pots.

Product Number 2508084
Old Product # ST-808
Air Freshener Neutralizes odor in any indoor environment. Spray the fresh-scented solution into the air in restrooms, schools, hospitals, day care...
Product Number 2308831, 2308190
Old Product # ST-807, ST-819
Porta-Fresh Holding Tank Deodorant  Provides powerful odor control for portable and recirculating toilets.  Porta-Fresh powder quickly disperses in the holding...
Product Number 2580608
Old Product # ST-806
GrillMate™ Glycerin-based grill or griddle cleaner for use in institutions and commercial kitchens. Fast acting formula easily removes grease...
Product Number 2307865
Old Product # ST-786
Brisk® HE Laundry Detergent Specially formulated for high-efficiency front and top loading washers. High-efficiency washers use less water than conventional...
Product Number 2307803
Old Product # ST-780
Powdered Laundry Bleach A sodium perborate, chlorine-free laundry bleach that is safe for use on all fabrics. Effective in hot or cold water and with...
Product Number 2509944
Old Product # ST-779
White Wings® Ultra Laundry Detergent Low-foaming concentrated detergent that cleans, brightens, and freshens. Contains an enzyme system that removes microfiber “pilling”...
Product Number 2509937, 2507834
Old Product # ST-777, ST-783
Powdered D-Lime-X Conditions hard water to prevent water spots on glassware and utensils.  Add to the first and last sinks for more effective cleaning...
Product Number 2576809
Old Product # ST-768