Water Flakes®

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All-Purpose Cleaner/Deodorizer Concentrated, lemon-scented powdered detergent quickly dissolves in water. Use on surfaces ranging from stainless steel and chrome,...
Product Number 2708978, 2702259
Old Product # ST-793, ST-802
Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer Granular formula neutralizes alkaline residue after floor stripping for better floor finish application and sealing. Counteracts...
Product Number 2708992
Old Product # ST-796
Neutral Cleaner Designed for routine maintenance on most floors. Removes soil from heavy traffic areas. Protects floor finish. Ideal for a wide...
Product Number 2708954, 2702235
Old Product # ST-791, ST-800
Pot ’N’ Pan Detergent Concentrated manual dishwashing powder with long-lasting suds. Dissolves quickly and completely. Removes grease and cooked-on...
Product Number 2709319
Old Product # ST-817
White Wings® Ultra Laundry Detergent Low-foaming concentrated detergent that cleans, brightens, and freshens. Fresh lemon scent. Add packet to washer while filling...
Product Number 2702198, 2781308
Old Product # ST-795, ST-813