May 10, 2010

At Stearns Packaging Corporation, we have maintained an unwavering commitment to our customers, to our workers, and to environmental sustainability since our inception in 1951. To ensure earth-friendly corporate practices, Stearns promotes innovation in product formulation, package design, sensible use of resources, and elimination of waste.

  • Our ongoing efforts are focused on the development and extensive use of non-toxic cleaning products shipped in source-reduced recyclable premeasured packs. We integrate environmentally preferred chemistry, Dispenser-Free Control Systems®, and sourcereduced, recyclable packaging.
  • Our latest formulations meet the stringent Green Seal GS-37 criteria, U.S. Green Building Council standards, and/or the U.S. EPA’s “Design for the Environment” recognition program; EPA / DfE.
  • Our premeasured products and Dispenser-Free Control Systems® reduce packaging by up to 90%. These innovations give Stearns the lowest carbon footprint of any cleaning system in the industry.
  • Using safer, environmentally-preferable concentrates and source-reduced, recyclable packaging reduces shipping costs, landfill fees and the waste associated with plastic gallons, pails and drums.

Our concept of producing safer formulations in a premeasured platform ensures accurate measurement and enhanced safety while it exemplifies our commitment to environmental accountability.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, a city renowned for its progressive policies, Stearns is dedicated to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We strive to meet the environmental needs of our customers, our community and our planet.