Restroom Cleaner


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  Name Description Additional data
Mark 10 Bathroom Cleaner For Toilet Bowls, Urinals and Bathroom Maintenance Deodorizes, cleans, removes rust stains and hard water deposits.
Product Number2308688, 2308893
Old Product #ST-734, ST-746
Restroom & Bowl Liquid Concentrate Fresh Scent, Restroom & Bowl Cleaner Ideal for daily cleaning and bowl maintenance.
Product Number2309975, 2309920
Old Product #ST-816, ST-744
GS Restroom & Bowl Cleaner Concentrate Fresh Scent, Non-Corrosive Toilet Bowl/Bathroom Cleaner Ideal for daily cleaning and bowl maintenance.
Product Number2385108, 2385102, 2385207
Old Product #ST-851, ST-851E, ST-852
5-Point Daily Cleaning System Starter Kit Yields 130 gallons of end-use product. Filled with a combined total of 70 packs of Stearns top-performing One Packs™. The...
Product Number2390102
Old Product #ST-901
Bowl Cleaner Acid-Based Toilet Bowl Cleaning Super-strength foaming action cleans and removes iron stains and mineral deposits
Product Number2508596
Old Product #ST-733
Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner Non-Corrosive for Daily Bowl Cleaning Chlorine-free and Color-safe.
Product Number2508602
Old Product #ST-790
Restroom & Bowl Cleaner Fresh Scent, Non-Corrosive Restroom & Bowl Cleaner Convenient water-soluble packets for quarts.
Product Number2706926, 2706933
Old Product #ST-692, ST-693