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Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

Category: Floorcare
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Concentrated pH Neutral Floor Cleaner

No harsh or abrasive ingredients to mar fine floor finishes. Optimum cleaning with no rinse required.

Product Number 2308770, 2308763, 2308787, 2308148
Old Product # ST-710, ST-709, ST-712, ST-714
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For mopping floors and washing walls, ceilings, desks, or any washable surface. A concentrated, pH-neutral, lemon-scented cleaner. Leaves floors sparkling clean without film or streaks.

#2308770 - 144 x 1 fl. oz. per case. One pack makes 2 gallons.
#2308763 - 72 x 2 fl. oz. per case. One pack makes 4 gallons.
#2308787 - 36 x 4 fl. oz. per case. One pack makes 8 gallons.
#2307148 - 10 x 8 fl. oz. per case. One pack makes 16 gallons.
Use with #2909159 pre-printed spray bottles.


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