Pink Liquid Dish Detergent & Hand Soap

Category: Commercial Bulk
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Manual dish detergent and hand soap

  • Hard-working detergent with improved sudsing formula
  • Add to your liquid soap dispenser for washing hands
  • For hand washing dishes, utensils, glassware, pots, and pans
  • Tough on grease and cuts through heavy soil
  • Do not use in automatic dishwasher


Product Number 1006547, 1019509
Old Product # ST-46, ST-193, ST-195
NSF CertifiedNSF Certified NSF Certified: E4

High sudsing detergent which contains a lotion for the hands and a pleasant floral fragrance. Ideal for use in hand soap dispensers. Also can be used for dish washing. Gives billows of thick, rich suds. Simply soak the dishes, rinse them off and allow to air dry. Excels in the hand washing of gentle care fabrics such as rayon, nylon, and wool.
pH (concentrate) - 7.0

#1006547 - 4 x 1 gallon case
#1019509 - 55 gallon drum

For liquid hand soap dispensers, use full strength. Wet hands with water. ApplyPink Liquid Dish Detergent & Hand Soap and lather. Rinse and dry hands.

For dishwashing, use 1 ounce or less of Pink Liquid Dish Detergent & Hand Soapto give billows of rich, thick suds. Soak your dishes in the suds, rinse, and air dry. All of your dishes, silverware, and glassware will dry sparkling clean. LetPink Liquid Dish Detergent & Hand Soapsoak longer in hot water with stubborn pots and pans.

For hand washable and fine fabrics, pour 1 ounce or less of Pink Liquid Dish Detergent & Hand Soap into lukewarm water for the gentle care of nylon, rayon, wool, and all fine fabrics. Rinse and drip dry. Dry knitted garments on a flat surface and form to original shape.