Smokehouse Cleaner With Penewet™

Category: Commercial Bulk
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Powdered alkaline cleaner for meat smoking/processing areas

  • Apply by soaking, steam-gun, or mopping
  • Removes grease, oil, fats, and smoke film from meat smoking operations
  • Cleans tile, stainless, trolleys, carcass hooks, hangers, and more
  • Contains Penewet, a penetrating oil, to separate waste and foreign material from difficult-to-clean surfaces
  • NSF Certified: A2


Product Number 1604017
Old Product # ST-401
NSF CertifiedNSF Certified NSF Certified: A2

Designed for use in food processing areas in the meat packing industry. For soaking, circulation and spraying steam gun cleaning using sodium hydroxide (lye) and phosphates. For use in smokehouses built of tile and stainless steel, as well as in chill rooms and trolleys. Also for use on carcass hooks, bacon (comb) hangers, and other difficult surfaces.
pH (use dilution) - 13.0-14.0

#1604017 - 350 lb. drum

Prepare surfaces by flushing with warm water immediately after using; start cleanup as soon as possible after operations stop. Try to avoid hot surfaces. Always use Smokehouse Cleaner with Penewet™ as a solution by dissolving it in water. Start by dissolving it in a strength of 4 ounces per gallon of water and adjust the strength up or down until you have found the proper concentration to do the best job. Have the solution as hot as practical to do the job. UseSmokehouse Cleaner with Penewet™ solution for soaking, circulating, and steam-gun cleaning. Avoid contact of solution or its mists with eyes, skin, or clothing..