Hytron® Automatic Dishwasher Detergent in Water-Soluble Packets

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Automatic dish detergent for sparkling clean dishes, glassware, and silverware

  • Hard-working, caustic-free detergent for use in household dishwashers
  • De-stains and brightens with the power of Oxy Crystals
  • Keeps dishes and utensils free from water marks, spotting, and streaking
  • Emulsifies grease without excessive foam
Product Number 1603420
Old Product # ST-342
For the HomeFor the Home Dishwashing and Hand Soaps

Hytron® is a hard-working, caustic-free, fully-active detergent for use in household dishwashers. Its potent ingredients emulsify grease and dissolve stains without excessive foam and without spotting or streaking.

Hytron® emulsifies grease by keeping it in dynamic suspension. It also de-stains and brightens dishes (including plasticware) with the power of Oxy Crystals. It assures clean
and sparkling dishes, glassware, and silverware.

When used as directed, Hytron® keeps dishes, glassware, and silverware free from spots and water marks.

#1603420 - 6 x 20 packets per case. One pack per load.




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