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GS Window Cleaner Concentrate

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Concentrated Glass Cleaner

Formulated without solvents, glycol ethers or ammonia. Safe on plastics and plexiglass.

Product Number 2307209, 2384002, 2384006, 2384101
Old Product # ST-720, ST-840, ST-840E, ST-841
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  • A7
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Concentrated glass cleaner formulated without solvents, glycol ethers or ammonia. Excellent performance on glass surfaces, windows, mirrors, and stainless steel. Safe on Plexiglas, plastics and contains no VOCs.

* This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging and protective limits on: VOCs and human & environmental toxicity.

#2384002 - 48 x 2 fl. oz. per case. One pack makes 1 quart.

#2307209- 32 x 1.5 fl. oz. per case (includes bottle with trigger sprayer).  One pack makes 25.5 oz.


#2384006 - 10 x 10 x 2 fl. oz. per case.

One pack makes 1 quart. Use with #2998405 pre-printed spray bottles.

#2384101 - 6 x 20 fl. oz. packs per case.

One pack makes 2.5 gallons. Use with #2998405 spray bottle and #2908930 5-gallon Quik Tank container.



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