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Mark 10 Bathroom Cleaner

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For Toilet Bowls, Urinals and Bathroom Maintenance

Deodorizes, cleans, removes rust stains and hard water deposits.

Product Number 2308688, 2308893
Old Product # ST-734, ST-746
EPA Reg. No. 10324-108-3640
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Deodorizes, cleans, and removes stains. A combination of phosphoric acid and odorless quaternary ammonia. Apply to sinks, tubs, counters, showers, bowls, and urinals.

#2308688 - 72 x 1 fl. oz. per case. One pack makes 1 quart, or add one pack to bowl to remove heavy build-up.
Use with #2909111 pre-printed spray bottles

#2308893 - 10 x 10 fl. oz. packs per case. One pack makes 5 gallons. Use two packs for 5 gallons in heavy-duty applications.
Use with #2909111 pre-printed spray bottle and #2908930 5-gallon Quik Tank container.



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