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Farm Sanitation

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  Name Description Additional data
Sterosol Milkstone Remover and Acid Rinse Heavy-duty acid detergent for pipelines and dairy equipment Removes milkstone from bulk tanks, pipelines, utensils and...
Product Number1205267, 1206752, 1205687, 1202525
Old Product #ST-11, ST-215, ST-216, ST-213
Teat Dip (Quaternary) A sanitizing quaternary teat dip Economical formula with quaternary ammonium An aid in reducing the spread of organisms...
Product Number1205304
Old Product #ST-56
Teat Shield A sanitizing 1% iodine barrier teat dip 1% iodine, 10% glycerin Forms a film on the teat to prolong protection against...
Product Number1202031
Old Product #ST-203, ST-210
Turboline Prem. Chlorinated Pipeline Cleaner High performance chlorinated pipeline detergent Ideal for large systems and long pipeline runs More concentrated and...
Product Number1201105, 1201112, 1201129, 1201136
Old Product #ST-110, ST-111, ST-112, ST-113
Udder Wash (Quaternary) A quaternary udder wash Economical formula with quaternary ammonium Pre-cleans teats and udders before...
Product Number1205311
Old Product #ST-57
Vacuum Pump Oil High-performance vacuum pump oil Non-foaming oil for use in piston and rotary milking machines and vacuum...
Product Number1405243
Old Product #ST-5