Products included in our 5-Point Daily Green Cleaning Systems

Your time is short. Your budget is limited.
Clean it quickly and inexpensively with the staff you have.

The 5-Point Daily Cleaning System from Stearns provides you with the five ideal One Packs™ products to efficiently complete daily cleaning tasks for your whole facility, including restrooms. The 5-Point Daily Cleaning System simplifies the entire process, delivering the enhanced training, portion control, and color-coded accessories you need for success.

Standardize your communication about safety, usage, and correct application with the color-coded wall chart that matches the best dispenser-free One Packs™ products with your facility's unique demands. Select the One Packs™ Green Seal option for Chemical Management System compliance and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit.

The simplicity and performance of One Packs™ makes the 5-Point Daily Cleaning System the easiest program on the market to introduce into your facility. A qualified Stearns representative can help you choose the right 5-Point Daily Cleaning System for you.

Go Dispenser-Free Now!

Get your cleaning staff started right with Stearns' ST-902 GS 5-Point Green Cleaning System Starter Kit. Packed with environmentally preferred products*, the kit simplifies the transition to the consistent results of One Packs™. Kits are available in both Green Seal Certified and conventional formulations. Or, customize a kit to fit your facility's needs.

Take the next step. Contact a qualified Stearns representative today, and get started!